Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Can I send you my device for repairs or upgrades?

No, we do not upgrade or repair devices.

How can I find out if a particular device will work in my country?

Once you find out which bands operate in your country, you can cross-reference them with the bands listed at the top of your chosen device’s specification page.

I see that a device has a very good rating, but it is not listed in the Top 6 on the front page. Why?

Only the devices listed as ‘Latest Available’ and with more than 8.5 rate are considered for inclusion on the Top 6 list.

I am sure that the information in your catalog for a particular device is not correct. Why is that so?

We gather our information mainly from the web sites of manufacturers. Some of them provide very detailed information, others not so much. In the latter case, we sometimes have to resort to other sources which are not as reliable. These include other catalogs, message boards and online stores. If you think that there is incorrect data in the catalog for your phone, please send us an email( with the correct data, as well as where you found it, if possible. We thank you in advance.