US FCC approves us to use of 3.5GHz for 4G and 5G deployment!

The US FCC approves (Federal Communications Commission) just announced to use of 3.5GHz for 4G and 5G deployment. In case, It just announced its approval of the commercial deployment of the CBRS (Citizens Broadcast Radio Service) spectrum.

In another part of the world, this 3.5GHz spectrum is already use for 5G. Such as- China and South Korea. China and South Korea – two key markets for smartphones.

This spectrum for both 4G and 5G deployment via four selected companies: Google, Sony, CommScope, and Federated Wireless. This means that wireless companies can begin requesting permission to use some of this spectrum.

US Department of Defence can able to use this spectrum. US FCC approves that clearly. As a result, OnGo devices will able to dynamically adjust their transmissions. US Mobile carriers have already been preparing to support the new spectrum (Band 48).

US FCC approves us to use of 3.5GHz for 4G and 5G deployment. All current-gen iPhones, the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, LG G8, OnePlus 7 Pro, Verizon’s 5G Moto Mod, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Note10 are all hardware-equipped to support the new band.

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